What participants have said about the 5-day summer workshop:

"Wow...what a week that was...Extraordinary, life changing, and kind, are the words that come to mind...I think one can get out of that workshop however much they let themselves be open to. Your style of asking questions and thought evoking words made a huge difference." —L.G.

"Absolutely loved the workshop! - Sara is a great facilitator of the artistic process and a master of letting the artist find his/her own voice in clay as well as their own solutions for expressing that without judgment. I make my living as a professional ceramic artist, so I know what to do with clay, but I was attracted to the narrative quality of Sara's work, and intrigued by her collage process. I was never a big fan of collage, so I knew I had found my teacher!
We all need new inspirations and tools in order to grow as humans and as creative beings... I feel that, that is what Sara provided - a new language for expressing myself.
I left full of inspiration and am still working on my collage journal. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Gracias Sara!" —P.G.

"I was very happy with the work I produced. At other times I have felt the need to produce something of consequence in short order .... but this time I was content to ramble around with a couple of ideas and to see where they led. ... I want to let them "ferment" for awhile before trying to translate them into something tangible. The ... collage experience [is] full of surprises ... an experience that is both fascinating and a bit intimidating. I look at my collage results and find that I've uncovered yet another layer of identity, memory, and emotional souvenirs accumulated during life's many experiences. It is a bit like an archaeological dig where scraping off each layer of soil produces more surprises; surprises that need to be assessed, interpreted, and eventually placed into some useful context.—L.P.

The doodle, 3-D doodle and ceramic doodle really began to loosen things up for me--not as much thinking and emotion as with a collage, although I love making collages. You are a really good, caring teacher who pays much helpful attention to workshop attendees and their work. Also, being at your studio is as comfortable as being at home. In short, I was able to finally work without worry and having to direct myself. —J.C.