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Every summer I offer one or more longer workshops. In 2019 I'm offering a 5-day totem workshop and a 2-day workshop at Hoffman Center for the Arts.

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Questions? Want to sign up? email me at sara.swink@gmail.com or call me at 971-271-0480.

Some comments from 2015 summer workshop participants

“Juicy Juicy Juicy!! You created a protected and contained psychic space where I could—and did— enter the creative dynamic, fast and deep. Your firm clarity about process, generosity and transparency invited me to make work in a new way. I’m shifting out of a focus on form and surface into a more expressive freedom. Grateful!” A.S.

“The collage and gesture drawings are tools I plan to incorporate into my work in my own studio. I found them to be valuable tools to use as a jumping off point in beginning a piece as well as a reference point when I got stuck. I appreciated the sharing you (Sara) did about your own work and process behind the pieces. The session on glazes, underglazes and stains was helpful. I really liked that we were free to use as much clay as we wanted. The workshop and talks with you and the other participants helped me reconnect with the material and energy I thought I had lost being away from clay for so long. Now I feel I can jump right back in when I return home.” S.Y.

I got just what I wanted from this time—to be immersed in my inner life, in the flow of that creative stream. As the week went on, that flow included dreams, little found treasures from my walks, overheard conversations that felt like they had floated out of my own thoughts. For me the collage is the most personal, fascinating unfolding of mysterious stories with characters that sometimes surprise me with their familiarity. Just like dreaming and making art! I loved being with a benevolent and wise guide. And I so appreciated your way of reining in people who want to talk too long, or when we get off track and start idly chatting. A great atmosphere to work in. Clean, quiet, light, great camaraderie, and really good music. That’s it. Do you think I enjoyed the workshop? It will definitely filter through my creative practice.” N.L.

While I did attend a previous workshop, this time I feel that “the practice” of drawing on collage really stuck! The idea of pulling from dreams and from past experience for images I will carry with me into my future creative work. I think the sequence of steps during the week worked well for building ideas, one on the other. Each morning I looked forward to what the day would bring. It became a mix of inspiration and technique. I learned so much and am leaving with a new level of confidence and excitement about what will come next in my creative life. I loved every minute with you, Sara!” K.W.

“This workshop allowed and inspired me to move toward my own style—which is what I’m wanting. I leave with images dancing in my head of what I hope to do next. The practice of finding images which strongly attract or repel is incredibly rich and energizing. Sara, you are very good at giving specific help and at getting people to articulate/look for their own answers. Thank you. This workshop also works for those with disparate skills and abilities.” J.M.

Below are some pieces I've done that could be considered totems. The rest of the photos are from a past summer workshop.

Click here to see pix from the August '18 3-Day Landmarks Workshop at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology: www.flickr.com/photos/sitkacenter/album?