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Next one: March 30-31, 2019, 10 to 4:30
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Comments from workshop participants:
Many thanks to Kate Kaznowska for lending her photography skills here.

“…I finally looked through my image journal [from the workshop] and started making notes and sketches. Wow! The structure of the workshop and the exercises and prompts seem simple but that's deceptive; they're deep and provocative. Just the right amount of guidance, never intrusive, just suggestive. The silence was perfect for going inside and creating. I'm sure I'll use many discoveries in future sculptures and use the processes again and again for self discovery and for ideas….”

"Really enjoyed the workshop and will hope to incorporate some of the new ways of bringing creative energy to my work that I experienced this past weekend. Thanks for your guidance and gentle touch in leading us to new places."

"This is, one of the best workshops I have done in a long, long time. It is not a clay techniques workshop. The techniques you learn here will help keep your work fresh and to move you through stuck places. You can also learn about what holds you back. Transforming even that into new inspiration. I know I will use some of the excises we did over and over again. I would highly recommend it."

"It was a wonderful workshop. The piece I made was the most creative and fun I've done in years! Thanks for unleashing my muse!"

"I will move forward (I already have) and get stuck less, with less fear."

"Wonderful workshop! My favorite part was having time to work uninterrupted without expectations on my clay! More than anything else, it reminded me that I'm an artist as well as an art teacher. That sweet thought will carry me for many months while I teach high schoolers, until I can once again return to my spiritual home—my work!"

"It was a mystery journey—not knowing why the images chose themselves and what they would turn into. Then doing the mapping and seeing how totally synthesizing the collage was."

"My favorite part was exploring a medium I have never used before."

"The best part of the workshop was the loose freedom to respond to prompts and the comfortable, permissive atmosphere."

"I appreciate the fact that you, Sara, were well organized and structured, but allowed for maximum freedom within parameters. It was the best of both...I loved all the exercises. I would recommend the course to just about anyone as a kind of exploratory art therapy and experimental catalyst for thinking, trying, rethinking, blocks, excuses and energy, intentions, etc."

"Clarity, moving forward with my career, life; traction"

"The collaging activity was very revealing to myself and many in the class. I can definitely see the value of it for future inspiration. I loved the accepting environment and the comfortable work space. Sara is an amazing facilitator to help one search within, without guiding the artist. This allows us to seek our own meaning in what we choose. Thank you for helping me cut loose the bonds of creating for others. It will be a constant challenge, but I have some tools now."

"...just wanted to thank you again for your amazingly helpful workshop. My head is filled with ideas - you know how it is, have to turn off the car radio because what's playing inside is far more compelling to observe!"

"I feel woken up, eager to work, gladly digging into symbols, peaceful...."

"Great workshop. Thanks so much. I was really getting antsy to get to my studio and paint. I was raring to go!!!! I went right there and painted an entire 20 x 20 painting in about an hour...based on the image that was calling to me in my collage. so, IT WORKS! like you didn't know that! And I love the painting. It has so much energy because I was doing it for ME. Awesome weekend. Loved it."