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head, stack, doodle, anger, trump, clay, sculpture
Keeping an Eye on You
7" x 7" x 4"

I found a tiny little image in a magazine of a sculpture of stacked heads, which I then reinterpreted in a drawing on paper, really big. It went from a 1-inch magazine scrap to a 3-foot drawing. My drawing began to look to me like Trump's head stacked on mine, dominating my thoughts and causing fear. This was in the lead up to the election. So I made this little piece with the life force doodle around it, acknowledging the effect. After the inauguration, I turned the drawing upside down so that my head was on top, but I was still keeping an eye on this scary dude. I thought maybe I could make the next version of the clay piece so it could roll, and the heads could change places.