Totem Building Workshop
The August workshop was eclipsed by the eclipse. If you're interested in taking a totem workshop, let me know and I'll put you on the list for future workshops.

A totem is one or more objects that tells the story of an individual or group. Totems, like shrines and other empowered objects, are a way to zero in on what inspires you or is meaningful. In this workshop, we will employ exercises such as collage on paper and sketching in clay to collect and play with images, ideas, stories, forms and surfaces that you might want to incorporate. From these source materials, we will develop and design one or more totems to make in clay. We’ll look at approaches to stacking totems that will be key to the design process. Glazing questions answered.
In the first 3 days of the workshop, you will develop your imagery, design and produce at least a small version of your piece(s). The optional 2 days will give you dedicated time to produce larger work with demos as needed for specific kinds of pieces.
Welded metal stands can be ordered to spec for a low price.
The photos here are from the 2016 5-day Totem Workshop. You can see that participants took a variety of approaches including standalone sculpture, hanging pieces, and stacking totems. It was a lot of fun and a very productive time!
For more info or to sign up, email sara.swink@gmail.com or call 971-271-0480.